Stockholm Syndrome

Drama · j. bothwell productions · Ages 18+ · United States of America

Content Warning world premiere
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ANDY WASIF certified reviewer June 10, 2023
This is a tightly written play with a twist that will keep audiences engaged throughout the run time with solid performances and interplay between the two leads. Dialogue and character excel. ... full review
OLIVE BUDA certified reviewer June 12, 2023
tagged as: interesting · mystery · drama
Very stylized and well acted. Made me feel I was watching an old film noir movie. Joey was excellent and the femme fatale. Great use of space. Left me with some questions.... full review
MATTHEW SCHAPIRO certified reviewer June 05, 2023
tagged as: revenge · tennessee williams · Noir
Stockholm Syndrome is an atmospheric slow-burn with an electric performance from Joey Bothwell. She radiates charisma in the role of Katrina Castren. In the mold of Tennessee Williams's In The Bar Of A Tokyo Hotel, Stockholm Syndrome brings a contemporary story into a smoky noirish setting.... full review
DASHIELL FINLEY certified reviewer June 27, 2023
tagged as: Bold · unique · witty · clever · satire
A searing yet sly drama which skewers Hollywood in a unique way that hasn’t been done to death. First time playwright Iskander (already an accomplished and highly talented screenwriter) splashes into the theater scene with a virtuosic debut that features a pair of tour de force lead performances. The humor is off kilter and at times veers into existential absurdism which meshes stunningly well with the over the top world of Tinseltown luxury and the insecurities that come with it. One has to appreciate how Iskander avoids the pitfalls of a bluntly on the nose “Me Too” parable, instead delivering on something more incisive and layered. I was completely riveted as the economical narrative unfurled with propulsive zeal, each scene driving forwa... full review
PETE VILLANI certified reviewer June 19, 2023
tagged as: compelling
I have to say that I was thoroughly entertained. Dialogue banter was great. Acting lived up to it as well.... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 02, 2023
tagged as: great
Ohad Bitton is worth the price of admission.... full review