Solo Show · chance lang · Ages 18+ · United States of America

Content Warning one person show world premiere


TRYING is the culmination of a 3 part project titled Self Portrait Project. The goal was to define my voice as an artist. As an actor/playwright, I articulate the depth’s of the human experience through narrative driven story telling. Self Portrait Project started my final year of CalArts when I drew my first Face Poem. A monochrome caricature of my face with poems in the mouths. After completing 275 original drawings, they naturally separated themselves into 6 distinct voices (characters); Mr. Fucker, The Addict, The Cynic, The Child, Elder Power and Madam Hope. They and I talk about love, life, death, addiction, and gratitude through a harsh, realistic lens softened with joy. Part 1, Hypocrite, culminated as a gallery show hung salon style with a monologue on a coming to gratitude, and remembering hope exists, even in seemingly hopeless circumstances. “Life is a disease. It’s the most incredible poison I couldn’t fathom not feeling. Living is what kills you and it’s worth it. It’s worth it to suffer as long as possible. Until my body tells me it’s time. Until then, I’ll remain tired.” – Madam Hope. Part 2, One Take, started before Part 1 ended when I got excited about writing a story driven concert. I wrote 9 character driven, theatrical songs from the perspectives of the characters created in Part 1 tracking a toxic break up, drug addiction, and finding hope through forgiveness. The whole piece was performed live in front of an intimate fire. Part 3, TRYING is a dark cerebral comedy about a young man named Bruce moving out of his apartment. After a life altering rejection, through grief, withdrawals, and a hand injury, in a seemingly hopeless moment, Bruce questions, is it worth it to keep trying? In battling the urge to give up, he finds hope through pursuing what he loves. The question is; will he move out, and escape the mob? For me, being in the pursuit and participation of love is why we’re here. My eyes and my characters eyes see a dark, dangerous, manic world, perpetually on the brink of a self- punishing, self-fulfilling prophecy. But through the participation of love, the gratitude in getting to be apart of living makes remaining present overwhelmingly worth it. TRYING contains semi nudity, drug references and poor language

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