Attack of The 36 Triple G Woman

natalie perlin · Ages 21+ · United States of America

Content Warning one person show world premiere
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ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 03, 2023
This show is extraordinary. Natalie is a kamikaze, her comedy is delivered with such a deft and delightful touch you never see the dark goth sharp edge coming. She needs her Netflix Special stat. Go see her while you can afford it at the Fringe! ... full review
OLIVE BUDA certified reviewer June 19, 2023
tagged as: Different · Dark Comedy · funny
Not to be missed! This show was funny! Laugh out loud! A few definite OH MY's and MMM should I laugh moments? Natalie is pushing boundaries in the sweetest, most innocent way. As a woman I appreciate her wit, intelligence and bravery. Also, she's one of the sweetest, nicest people I have ever met!!! ... full review
MAX KUNKE certified reviewer June 18, 2023
tagged as: mature · dark humor · hilarious
It was so funny that I nearly had an asthma attack. I absolutely recommend this show. Not for the faint of heart, but if your sense of humor is mature, strange, and slightly disturbing, it’s an excellent pick.... full review