Cadenza | Sci-fi Thriller

Immersive & Games · ezekiel theatre company · Ages 12+ · 90 mins · United States of America

world premiere

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About Cadenza:
Four people wake up in a sterile room only to discover that they were once murderers whose memories have been erased. As result, they are now being forced to participate in a deadly rehabilitation program with the promise of becoming average citizens again if they pass. As the trials continue, the four discover more about themselves and the paths that led them to become monsters in the first place.

From the creators of the award winning ‘Maron Doll’ short film and stage-play, the Ezekiel Drama Ministry Inc. presents ‘Cadenza’ for it’s 10th year anniversary. A sci-fi mystery thriller within an escape room-like premise that ponders on our humanity and morality through elements of science and Christian faith while not afraid to provide some levity at the same time.

Who will make it out and more importantly, who deserves to?

Production Team

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