Stuck with You

Comedy · late bloomer productions · Ages 16+ · United States of America


After planning the “perfect” proposal, Julian was ready for his life with his high school sweetheart, Taylor, to begin. Little does he know, she came ready to end it all. Trapped in an escape room rigged to the propose once it’s solved, the room brings out the worst of them until Taylor can’t contain it anymore and lets it slip that she wants to break up. The only thing worse than being dumped is being stuck in an escape room with the person who has just dumped you, with nothing to do but hear all that went wrong in your relationship. With the precarious escape room employee, Onyx, giving who they think are the soon to be fiancé’s, their privacy, Julian and Taylor are left with no other choice but to solve the rest of the escape room together in order to finally leave. The only thing is, Taylor still has no idea that Julian was going to propose. Now, the couple must navigate what went wrong in their relationship and Julian must find the ring to save his last shred of dignity before Taylor ever finds out his plan.

Production Team

jade crenian *

writer / producer

violet ko *

director / producer

brett morachnick *

producer / cast

* Fringe Veteran