Wounded, by Jiggs Burgess

p3 theatre company · Ages 16+ · United States of America

Content Warning

As the winner of the prestigious 2023 International Fringe Encore Series Award, the Wounded family is proud to announce that we also took home the following incredible HFF 2023 awards:

  • Pick of the Fringe
  • Best of Broadwater
  • Hollywood Encore Producers’ Award

Come see what the buzz is all about in our 2 encore performances:

Friday, June 30th @ 8:30pm at the Broadwater Black Box Theatre

Saturday, July 8th @ 8pm at the Stephanie Feury Studio Theatre


Wounded by Jiggs Burgess

Directed by Spencer Frankeberger

Starring Craig Taggart and Shaw Jones

A repressed nobody who thinks of himself as somebody. An addict. Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf played out between hummingbirds. And a pussy eating dog. This is Wounded. Carrol could’ve been somebody, after all his book, The Crimson Valise, was made into a movie. Yet somehow Carrol’s unhealed past, and an aging mother, got in the way. On the other hand, Carrol’s classmate, Robert, was smart and driven. Went to one of the best private universities in the country on scholarship. But his damage led him down the path of addiction and eventually prison. In this darkest of comedies, the bleak paths our lives can lead us down are on full display. Warning: contains language of a sexual and violent nature.

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Production Team

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