Aria ~ I Am The Daughter Of O$un

Solo Show · aria’s joy vibe productions · Ages 16+ · United States of America

Content Warning one person show world premiere

“Aria ~ I am the Daughter of O$un” is a full disclosure of my life as a psychic, black British immigrant, who had to learn to trust her Divine Design to survive and navigate predators and heartbreak in an alien territory: America, primed to strip her of everything she valued and question everything she thought she knew.

What would you do if you were desperately struggling in New York, and the river came to you in a dream and said, “Look for an apartment near me and I will take care of you?” Then some~Divine~how you’re guided to live in a riverside-view apartment for only $450 a month! And then…five years later, you learn from an African Ifa reading that “Osun,” the energy personified by the river, is actually your Guardian Orisha! From the River Thames in London, to the Hudson River in New York, and to the Sedona River in Arizona, I have had the most amazing transformative, psychic and spiritual experiences that I will channel through my show “Aria, I am the Daughter of O$un,” through sonic and visual mediums. My amazing award-winning music composer is Vincent Ott and my visual creative director is Misaq ~ together we will inspire you.

My true story is the journey we all have to harvest, if we want to reclaim our power and heal from trauma, heartache and sexual abuse. I received an OBIE award in New York a lifetime ago and after 20 years, I am returning to the stage, synthesizing all my gifts to uplift humanity through sharing my story. My original music is the blues you have to wail into the night, to express the pain and release the blame. And ooooh, my jazz will definitely put the pep back in your step, so you can dance freestyle in hope and fly again. Wait! My illuminations? Well, that’s the sublime, high vibrational medicine, the wisdom that will help to transform your mind, when like me, you’ve failed suicide…TWICE.

When Dr. Maya Angelou transitioned in 2014, I gave her deep thanks for the legacy of her wisdom and told her that I would be so honored if she would be inspired to work with me from the Spirit-side. Well, one night, I channeled a profound sonic gift from her that literally blew my mind. You see, Dr. Maya Angelou gave me a crystal clear reflection of the woman I was becoming, as only she could. A woman who never apologized for being a powerful cosmic creator. An elemental woman who knew who she was and SHONE. Talk about full disclosure! “This Is The Whole Truth, And Nothing But” would take me 8 years of living many heart-breaking and soul-building seasons before I could align and embody its power to share it. You will most certainly recognize Dr. Maya Angelou’s signature. Would you like to hear it?

Come with me on this empowering journey and look in the mirror of your own life’s reflection. I am an Artist of the Divine and a Joy Vibe Coach whose mission is to inspire you to become a conscious Life Artist, so that you can use every color in your pallet that you have lived and garnered through blood, sweat, laughter and tears, to more joyfully create the masterpiece that is YOU.

My show “Aria ~ I Am The Daughter Of O$un” is lovingly dedicated to my mother Doreen Woodley, my sister Faquita Jennifer Demello, Dr. Maya Angelou, and my Orisha O$un.

Production Team

vincent ott *

music composer & arranger

aria gillespie *

performer, writer, producer

misaq k *

visual creative director

* Fringe Veteran