The Allure of Thug Life

Solo Show · mélia mills · Ages 15+ · United States of America

family friendly one person show world premiere

The Allure of Thug Life is the “universal tale” of an impressionable, upper middle-class Black teen girl from Oakland who has dreams of becoming a gangster rapper.

This show sheds light on present day issues urban teenagers grapple with.
Picture a 15 year old girl who wants to fit in at her new high school, but is bullied regularly.
At home, her overprotective parents are always on her case to excel academically. Struggling to find her own voice, she discovers her talent—rapping and begins straddling the fence between the good life and thug life. Which will she choose?

The Allure of Thug Life explores topical themes of bullying, violence, economic inequality, class, colorism, pride, perseverance, self love, and respecting others. TATL focuses on a Black family who has “made it”. Now their daughter fights to go from riches to rags.

These heavy themes are made lighter through songs, jokes, and storytelling while providing education, entertainment, empathy and engagement.

The Allure of Thug Life is fresh and new; a solo performance that is unique in many ways. Within this comedic Hip Hopsical, Mélia embodies 12 characters from various walks of life. The characters also perform original songs, rap, pop parodies, country…

It is the captivating story of one’s journey to discover their authentic self and the lengths they will go to own it!

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