We Are Nothing Without Hantu-Hantu

Solo Show · suzana selamat and giovanni ortega · Ages 14+ · Singapore

one person show world premiere

We Are Nothing Without Hantu-Hantu is a solo piece that follows a Malay-Muslim woman, Chomel, navigating the hantu-hantu (ghosts) of her mother, her grandma, and herself. Chomel, named after the Pontianak by her horror-loving grandma, must face her grandma’s unhealthy horror film obsession, her mother’s almost Pontianak story and her own unwilling initiation into Zombie Land. As these stories interweave in a collective seance that transgresses time, space, and generations, the Pontianak, the most feared female ghost, lurking ever so close, makes her presence felt with her own tale to tell.


*2023 Hollywood Fringe Festival (HFF) scholarship recipient

*East-West Players Scholarship – The Solo Project Workshop

*HFF ’23 Best International Show Nominee

*HFF ’23 Soaring Solo Social Impact Award Nominee


Production Team

suzana selamat *


giovanni ortega *


joshua bennett *

sound designer / lighting consultant

larry mayorquin *

production manager

* Fringe Veteran