Wild Hand

le vide m'appelle · Ages 16+ · United States of America

Content Warning one person show
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SPENCER FRANKEBERGER certified reviewer June 26, 2023
Engaging, intense, and powerfully performed, Wild Hand is an intriguing exhibition of one character's world -- executed incredibly by Danielle McPhaul.... full review
VINCENT LEVEQUE certified reviewer June 19, 2023
Emotionally intense, wonderful exposition of the character against the background of a pending execution. An excellent performance... full review
MATTHEW MARTIN certified reviewer June 19, 2023
From the moment we walked into the space, I knew this would be an interesting show. What appeared to be a Western campsite set turned out to be the inside of a jail cell. And as Dani, in the role of Bill, began to talk to the audience as though we were fellow prisoners, the show just took off. From the moment she locked eyes with the audience and began addressing us, I was hooked. Her writing and performance were not only on point, but brilliant to the last letter. She has the incredible knowledge and understanding of the character to such a degree that she effortlessly disappeared into Bill. And let's not forget that Dani directed herself in this piece. And she wrote it. Not only does this piece feel personal, but vulnerable at the ... full review
FADHIA MARCELIN certified reviewer June 12, 2023
This was a great show. It has lots of intimacy and courage. Being in the company of someone counting down their last hours was compelling, entertaining, and sad. ... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 04, 2023
tagged as: #comedictorment
A better title could be WILD RIDE. The short life of Crawford aka Cherokee Bill, the half Black, half Native leader of the Cook Gang is a gammmet of emotions and questions as time ticks down on a convicted man. It is so close-up and raw, this reviewer suggests you don't sit in the front row. Instantly this actress establishes themself as Cherokee Bill. And the story is comedic, yet brutal with historic facts. Conversations with real and imagined visitors fill out the doomed life summary. You will feel some kinda way about this play. I noticed members of the audience crying in one moment and laughing in the next. Two thumbs up!... full review