Wild Hand

le vide m'appelle · Ages 16+ · United States of America

Content Warning one person show

On the old Frontier, it’s said there’s, “no Sunday west of St. Louis, and no God west of Fort Smith.” It’s because of this that Indian Territory was seen as a sort of haven for individuals fleeing the justice of the United States Government. One of the most famous outlaws from the wild west era who grew up in Indian Territory (now modern-day Oklahoma) was the mixed son of a Cherokee Freedwoman and Buffalo Soldier. His name was Crawford Goldsby, but he was better known to the U.S. Government as his alias, Cherokee Bill. He was a founding and leading member of the infamous Bill Cook Gang, but unlike many of his contemporaries and associates, he was known to have a sense of integrity and a charismatic appeal that assisted in his run from the law up until his capture. Now facing the hangman’s noose, Bill is left to reconcile with what’s left of his life and attempt to atone for his past actions.

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