Is Krishna There? A Begum Akhtar Story

Solo Show · the fighting soprano productions · Ages 14+ · United States of America

Content Warning Multi-Lingual Performance one person show world premiere
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CASEY ALCOSER certified reviewer June 03, 2023
tagged as: heartfelt
An emotionally biographic journey through the art of being self-satisfied. Lauren displays an apt honesty and charm throughout the entire piece, and strikes several poignant moments with a quiet but powerful grace. And the food was delicious!... full review
ALEXANDER BOUNYAVONG certified reviewer July 13, 2023
So captivating. Such relatability. Really dived into the struggle of the battle with the unknown and trusting in something divine. ... full review
BRANDIE JUNE certified reviewer June 24, 2023
tagged as: Beautiful · Heritage · opera
A beautiful, sometimes funny, sometimes heartbreaking, story of finding one's place in the world. Come for the story, stay for the opera. ... full review
RILEY INTROCASO certified reviewer June 21, 2023
A masterpiece for the ages! Beautifully captivating, heartfelt, nostalgic, and an eye-opening performance that makes you laugh, dance, and cry all at once. I've never seen an entire audience in tears and the energy in the room was impeccable! Also don't get me started on her operatic voice, it was ASTOUNDINGLY BEAUTIFUL! ... full review
DEBBIE SIPPERLY certified reviewer June 20, 2023
I found the play very entertaining and the acting amazing! It was a play that drove our emotions from laughter to tears and often times within the same scene. Laurens portrayal of several different women during the play transitioned flawlessly from one character to the other, sometimes in a simultaneously fashion. Her acting was full of emotion and intensity combined with her beautiful operatic singing which brought a perfect closure to the play!! We would see again! ... full review
NICOLE MEIER certified reviewer June 20, 2023
Great show and so relatable! Lauren has such a range of emotions. It was funny, emotional, quirky and her voice is just incredible. The food was great too.... full review
BRANDON RAMAN certified reviewer June 18, 2023
"Is Krishna There?" parallels Lauren's journey of hope lost and regained with hindustani legend Begum Akhtar as they struggle with cultural and familial expectations. What really stands out here is Lauren's vibrant stage presence and next level musicality. The voice on this woman is INCREDIBLE! I have never heard a live operatic voice like that before, and it blew me away. ... full review
ZAY WARFIELD certified reviewer June 17, 2023
tagged as: hero · culture · indian · sari · opera · song
A feast for the senses with heart breaking song. While the show doesn’t stand on its feet yet, Lauren Curet does. Curet is a mesmerizing force with many gifts to share. ... full review
SHARMITA BHATTACHARYA certified reviewer June 12, 2023
tagged as: colorful · honest · heartfelt
This show showcases many of Lauren's talents as you get to hear her beautiful singing, her deep connection to her story, and how at ease she is in the environments she creates on stage. She gives you her whole heart in this performance and it shows. ... full review
FADHIA MARCELIN certified reviewer June 12, 2023
tagged as: Biographic Piece
Very entertaining. Very colorful with a great message. There is a nice weaving of different characters all done by one actor. You also get to eat some treats if you get the right seat.... full review