Blood Fruit

theatre · spoken word festival · Ages 18+ · United States

one person show
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PATRICK BUTTON certified reviewer June 18, 2012
This show is really amazing for several reasons: 1) It's a one man show. Majd acts out every scene amazingly and doesn't lose any steam. Normally one person shows can get boring or repetitive, but Majd keeps everyone on their toes. 2) Majd strikes a very good balance between some heavy emotional material and funny jokes. The play deals with some heavy issues, and he treated those really well. I was able to process them without being worn out. The emotional content comes across really well and the messages really come through. The play was also very funny. I felt like I was getting both a really good drama and a great comedy at the same time. I loved this play and I would suggest it to anyone. ... full review
PAUL SAVIGNANO certified reviewer June 21, 2012
I saw this show on Saturday June 16th an early birthday present to myself. I walked out realizing how much I learned about myself and how strong some people really are. Majd lead us on a rollercoaster of emotions. I cried and welled up several times and should have walked out of show emotionally exhausted but Majd did an amazing job delivering his story with power and light heartedness that I smiled when I left. The show is truely about good guy that grows to be a great man. Truely anyone and everyone should see. No mater what your situation you can learn from this show. ... full review
ANDREW BURNETTE certified reviewer June 21, 2012
Blood Fruit was amazing! It was very funny and very touching, back and forth. It’s remarkable to think Majd was able to completely hold the audience’s attention for 90 minutes, making us laugh one minute and tear up the next. I honestly wasn’t expecting to enjoy the show so thoroughly but Majd took us on a journey through his life, through different characters, and it was absolutely engaging. His artistry and his sincerity made for a transformational theatre experience.... full review
EDUARDO GUTIERREZ certified reviewer June 21, 2012
Blood Fruit is a powerful, moving story of rejection, self-acceptance, the meaning of family and the courage it takes to live life honestly. You'll find yourself laughing through tears and identifying with Majd's story whether it is him recounting the crazy ways of his immigrant family or him dealing with his body image issues, or the fear of being disowned by family. The voice of Iraqi gay youth is something not often heard in our country and Blood Fruit is a powerful play that moreover tone should see. ... full review
CHRISTOPHER ORTIZ certified reviewer June 24, 2012
What can I say that hasn’t already been mentioned below. I saw Majd’s performance of “Blood Fruit” this afternoon and I was very impressed. Buckle up, as this is quite an emotional ride. As he tells his story, Mr. Murad really takes us there. I laughed & keke’d during the high parts, and stifled a tear during the low parts. No matter who you are, I guarantee that you will be able to relate to the character and his story. A wonderful story about love and family, the one that we are born with and the one that we create- I would recommend this play to anybody. Highly recommend! Great job, Majd!... full review