Rice Rice Baby

Solo Show · pho girl · Ages 15+ · United States of America

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LINDA HOM certified reviewer June 18, 2022
tagged as: Amazing and Witty
This was a very amusing show. The story was so cleverly written and witty. I enjoyed it a lot. Brigitte was fantastic, and the way how she described the foods made me want to go out for some afterwards.... full review
MEG LIN certified reviewer June 16, 2022
tagged as: sweet · fun · creative
This is such a fun and creative show! I loved all of Brigitte's family memories and I learned new things about food, cooking, and Asian DNA. What a sweet treat! Definitely worth watching!... full review
ERNEST BALENZUELA certified reviewer June 14, 2022
This is a story about finding self, even if it's in the most unexpected of places. It's about taking new information and learning to be open to new experiences. It's a tale that is relatable but from a unique perspective. The show will make you laugh, reflect, learn and leave you feeling hungry for more. Playwright Chambers Stevens delicious play takes you on a journey through time and identity. Join local actress Brigitte Ngo-Trinh for an evening of warm, funny storytelling, and how she uses food on her journey of self-discovery. If you love food, or stories that make you feel connected to others through the bond of a communal meal, then this play is for you!... full review
ROB SHEPPE certified reviewer June 13, 2022
Rice Rice Baby is an enlightening multicultural journey that challenges us to not judge a book by its cover, as the saying goes. Brigitte traces her life -- and the intriguing investigation into who she really is -- through the food that brings her family together, even if the ingredients on the table sometimes create conflict. You may think you know where you come from -- but this show will make you question who you think you are. ... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 13, 2022
A deliciously intriguing story about family dynamics, and finding out who you truly are. Brigitte makes you feel like you're sitting in her living room, watching her cook as you tells you her story. This play is filled with tasty tidbits of cooking knowledge, as well as a heartwarming lesson of no matter where you come from, we all can come together in the end. ... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 13, 2022
This is a fun, fresh way to tell a story. Brigitte was so likable and genuine. We loved learning the history of Pho and all that goes into it as well as all the drama behind it. It was funny, sweet and we walked away with a craving for Pho, but also a new understanding of traditions and family dynamics. Such fun!!!!... full review
JUSTIN GRAVES certified reviewer June 12, 2022
tagged as: informative · Engaging · funny · Aromatic
This story was fun and entertaining and educational! I loved getting to learn about a culture that I knew little to nothing about. But the story was relatable and familiar. The aroma of the food made the performance come to life on a whole other level! ... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 02, 2022
She did an amazing job! She made each of the characters she played so different and so believable!... full review
CARA SCHELL SANDEFUR certified reviewer June 02, 2022
Hilarious! Couldn’t look away!... full review