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Natasha Mail Order Bride Escape to America: The Musical

comedy · natasha mail order bride llc. · Ages 13+ · world premiere · United States

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LIZ RODRIGUEZ June 15, 2012
NATASHA MAIL ORDER BRIDE ESCAPE TO AMERICA©’ TAKES THE HOLLYWOOD FRINGE FESTIVAL Hollywood’s hottest new musical TV show ‘Natasha Mail Order Bride Escape to America©’ ( has just opened at this year’s 3rd Annual Hollywood Fringe Festival and is definitely this year’s ‘grab it by the balls’ favorite. Written and produced by Canadian-born actress Brooke Forbes (, the comedy musical sit-com was designed and developed specifically for a television audience, and is complete with belly dancers and live original music. Leading the 15 strong cast is Brooke herself playing the main character role of Natasha, a cross between Lucille Ball and a female Borat. Audiences will fall in love with N... full review
ANONYMOUS June 15, 2012
Natasha Mail Order Bride Escape to America is definately the 'Grab by the Balls' show as advertised. From the moment the show began the audience were captivated. The lead actress Brooke Forbes with her ensamble well seasoned cast lead us through the story of Natasha, a citizen from a 4th world country of Crapistan destined to ‘live the American dream’. The multimedia show with the fast paced absurd comedy had the audience in stitches for the entire 30 minute show. A must see! ... full review
BENTLY JONES June 16, 2012
Refreshingly funny! Thoroughly enjoyed this show at the Fringe Festival. The ensamble cast were very talented and well rehearsed. The original music the show contained was hilarious especially the final song Go Natasha Go - as an audience member last Sunday at the preview show I am still singing it in my head and have been all week! Definitely should be a Fringe Festival favorite to win an award! Go Natasha Go! ... full review
FRED HAINES June 16, 2012
It was so much fun watching actress Brooke Forbes and her cast members on the stage last week at their debut performance of Natasha Mail Order Bride Escape to America. The performance was hilarious, the music was well produced and what was even more interesting is it incorporated some unique staging with pre-recorded video footage playing during parts of the show to keep the audience even more entertained with the overall story. I highly recommend the show.... full review
ANONYMOUS June 17, 2012
I saw "Natasha last night and woke up still smiling. The show is so funny----I must have laughed 40 times! The concept of a citizen of "Crapistan" coming to America to find success as an actress on the American "red carpet" is truly original. Brooke Forbes has created a unique and zany character in Natasha; she plays this "larger than life" role in a modern-day, Lucille Ball fashion. Watching Brooke deftly reach for the concealed knives in her dress, speak in the totally made-up Crapistani language, and strut on the red carpet with her pet rooster are hilarious moments in the production. The musical numbers are well-choreographed and the original tunes and lyrics are catchy and memorable. Kate Bowman is hysterical as the uni-browed Svet... full review
BRIDGE PALOMO June 18, 2012
Natasha Mail Order Bride is definitely a must see! The play was hilarious and kept me on my toes in anticipation of the next absurd “American View” to come from Natasha’s mouth. I loved the creative distinction between the Crapistan citizens and Americans.They really took the unibrow to the next level. Not only was the show entertaining but it had a great story line, catchy songs, and looked like something straight out of Saturday Night Live. I dare you to not have a good time at this play. It was absolutely riveting!... full review
What a terrific show. I feel like I was transformed through a "Time Warp" into Crapistan. Brooke's Natasha jumps off the stage and her entire cast draws you into the life of Natasha and Kate's unibrow, Svetlana steals the show! Loved the butcher shop scene and the crashing the red-carpet! Go see this show or as the cast sings loudly "Go Natasha Go!"... full review
ANONYMOUS June 21, 2012
This show needs to be a series on TV! I laughed my ass off the entire time! The shows moves along in a quick pace and explains the story of Natasha and how she was accidentally purchased by a geeky guy in Bel Air. The entire cast plays well together and Brooke & Kate are so funny as the two Crapistani girls from the butcher shop. If you bring kids...bring em headphones for some of the "adult humor" bu be prepared to laugh and laugh and laugh!... full review
SALLY DECARLO June 22, 2012
This was really bad theatre. if you can call it that. Mostly seems like really long sketch that wouldn't end. People found fit funny, but I am not sure if they were laughing with her or at her....... full review
ANONYMOUS June 22, 2012
wacky, zany, Fringe All the way! Get to know Natasha!!... full review

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