Tearing the World Apart

dance & physical theatre · notjusttheater · Ages 13+ · United States

world premiere

A visceral journey of desire and despair, brought to a breaking point and implosion of our world as we know it. What happens when we are pushed to the edge and all we can do is scream or fall apart? With the current state of the global community, political climate, and the formation of the Occupy Movement, what would happen if we as a community were (really) pushed over the edge, to the point of no return?

Combining multi-media projections with physical theater, live action painting, original music, and text, we invite you to come with us to the brink of destruction, and the birth of a new beginning.

Production Team

heather fipps *

production designer

sarah pearlstein *

performance poet

alejandro ruiz *


catherine weiss *


ya gao *

sound designer

carrie newell *


jessica morataya *

stage manager

naomi bennett *


mercedes manning *


clinton degan *

contributing musician/composer

* Fringe Veteran