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ANONYMOUS uncertified reviewer June 10, 2012
What a sexy and fun cabaret show!!! All the dancers were great. This is a message for the bleached orange-blond female person (white trash) who arrived 40MINS LATE into the advertised ONE HOUR cabaret show and *IMMEDIATELY* ANSWERED HER PHONE!!! You must have zero class and non-exitant manners to do something like that!!! Of course, you much also be so self-centered and so self-absorbed that taking a call during a live performance is totally okay behavior. Oh and I guess you were there to see your daughter or BFF's daughter perform? Well then that just makes you a GIANT PHONEY because you only saw 10MINS of the show becos it ended early. Good one, trashy soccer Mom. Way to keep it klassy, eh?... full review
RICHARD ADAMS uncertified reviewer June 13, 2012
RICHARD ADAMS, The World Socialist Website (to be posted soon) To be honest, I saw this show by accident. With so many performances in so many venues with variable curtain times, it’s easy to make a mistake. I arrived at Six for a show that was slotted for Seven. Carpe Noctem, a retro revue that the Cabaret Versatile dance company billed as “authentic French cabaret” was about to start in the same theatre. I could either hang out on a sidewalk suddenly chilled by an onshore breeze or head inside and joined the crammed forty-eight seat house. I’m neither qualified to judge dance or measure the authenticity of the music or the dance numbers, but two things about this production struck me: the music by Max Raabe, Juliette Greco, Enoch Li... full review
MAJD MURAD uncertified reviewer June 21, 2012
I never thought that goofy could be sexy... until now. These women (and man!) are extremely talented and were simply a joy to watch. I wish the audience had participated more, but by the end they stopped being so shy and started to clap and whoop along with those of us that were more enthusiastic. Didn't spoil my fun though, these girls are gorgeous and worth watching!... full review
PAULINE ADAMEK certified reviewer June 15, 2012
Carpe Noctem - theater review for Hollywood Fringe Fest - HFF 2012 Review by Pauline Adamek. ***This review first appeared on *** Feathers, sheer white chiffon, frilly can-can skirts, sequins, bling, fishnets and thong bikinis – CARPE NOCTEM (‘seize the night’) is an intimate evening of authentic French Cabaret dance numbers with a little comedy. Five sensual Parisian cabaret dancers, each with individual personalities, perform classic showgirl routines to the music of Max Raabe, Juliette Greco and Enoch Light, among others. Choreographer and French cabaret dancer Lola OhLaLa brings an extensive background performing and studying in France to present a production brimming with a corps of talented and sexy dance... full review
PRESTON BANNISTER certified reviewer June 17, 2012
First "Fringe" event I have been to, so had no notion what to expect, from either the event or area. Did not "get" the characters the girls were trying to project, at first. Dancing pretty girls are nice, but... ? The theme became clear as the romp unfolded. This is a romp. Girls having fun playing girls of disparate character having fun. What Caberet was and is, or as imagined. Bit of warning - if you sit in the front row, you get incorporated into the performance. Really should have expected that. Thanks "Lola". :)... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 20, 2012
For a show based on dance, I think the show lacked in that area a little. I believe the issue had a lot to do with the really tight space at the venue. The dancing wasn't bad, just not impressive. It seemed awkward and uncoordinated at times. I loved the lone male cast member whose clowning abilities were excellent. I also liked the dancer who seemed to be part clown and part dancer. Her bit with the masking tape was very humorous. The best part of the show was the several jumps that ended in the splits with hard thumps on the floor, during the cancan number. I don't know why it made me laugh, but I found it hilarious. This show needs more floor room.... full review