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Oh But Wait, There's More!

theatre · kim coles inc. · Ages 18+ · world premiere · one person show · United States

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CAROL NACE June 15, 2012
It was really funny. We enjoyed it very much. The only disappointing thing was it was shorter than expected. It only ran for less than 1 hour. ... full review
Delivered like a stand-up set with a purpose, she is an intuitive performer keenly aware of, and in close contact with, her audience. Great stories sure to stay with you...... full review
VASEK FRANK (CINESNATCH) certified reviewer June 24, 2012
“Crazy Kim Coles” was an overachiever with a weight problem throughout her childhood, and she learned to use her comedic personality to convince her peers to laugh with her, rather than at her. Standing on top of a box, with her wild hair, flowing dark pants, and sequined black blouse with sheer sleeves (care of costume designer Ceci), she delivers snippets of her comprehensive one-person rendition of 1970s miniseries Roots. Coles (over 60,000 Facebook fans) takes the audience on a tour through her life in Oh, But Wait ... There’s More!, a routine supplemented by family photos, as well as moments in her career, complete with running commentary. Raised in Brooklyn, pointing out her merit badges and school outfits, “there’s nothing gangsta’... full review

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