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June 15, 2012 certified reviewer

My overall impression

I was excited after interviewing this group of artists, and the preview was thoroughly impressive. Their vibe, their professionalism, and ultimately their work gave me a lot of encouragement for the recently-graduated creative team. Keep both of your eyes on Theater Hounds Productions.

A charming and well-told story, Claudia Restrepo both helmed and stars as a Civil War buff who deals with her father’s death by emotionally inviting Abraham Lincoln to be her roommate. I don’t know how Lisa Goodman makes the mother character sympathetic, but with a fascinating scene arc, both Goodman and Restrepo made me want to call my mother once the show was over (darn Eastern vs Pacific Standard Time). Kipp Moorman is delightful and adorable as Lincoln; the battle scene is a highlight of the evening. Jonathan Chase as Restrepo’s insanely curious love interest could use a little more eye contact, but that also could have been a choice. When he really truly connects with Restrepo, and she lets him into her world, hoping for understanding….well, we’ve all been there.

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