Three Tables

samedi productions · Ages 12+ · United States

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June 27, 2012 certified reviewer

My overall impression

I was intrigued by this play, and had to see it – it didn’t hurt that the play was only 25 minutes long. I have attended plays three times that long that didn’t impact me as much.

The concept was relatable to practically everybody. The play centered around dinner conversations at three tables in a crowded restaurant. At one table was a couple celebrating their five-year anniversary. At the second table was a couple going through a divorce, and meeting to sign the final papers. At the third table was a couple on a blind date.

I felt like I was watching my life pass before my eyes, as I have been in all three circumstances. The play was powerful in its portrayal of these three couples. The acting could not have been better. You felt for each and everyone of them, as the evening unfolded and the dynamics at each table changed.

I won’t give away what changes occur during the play – you will just have to attend to find out.

This play is worthy of a second and maybe a third viewing, and definitely worth anyone’s time to attend. Kudos to a marvelous cast and a delightful play.

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