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I Met Someone

theatre · be like a duck productions · Ages 18+ · one person show · United States

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SAMIRA JACKSON June 09, 2012
What a great show! It's an emotional rollercoaster -- in a good way. So nice I had to see it twice. Bravo, Cheryl!... full review
VJ SMITH June 12, 2012
What an incredible evening of insight and entertainment! Cheryl showed courage and commitment in sharing her "story". It is truly an evening that you will remember. The "someone" she "met" is an eye opener. Kudos and Kisses to Cheryl!... full review
Cheryl's self exploration of love and disappointments are refreshingly transparent. Her insights into self love being the root of loving another and/or receiving love is specific enough to be a universal truth. I applaud her honesty and artistry. And most of all, her newfound skills as a director. Well done. ... full review
DALE MITCHELL June 09, 2012
For those of you who missed Cheryl Francis Harrington’s stellar performance this past weekend in “I Met Someone!” You will be glad to know that back by popular demand Cheryl will be presenting her one woman play "I Met Someone!" in three special performances in June at the Hollywood Fringe Festival. This compelling story “I Met Someone!” screams that hope is still alive as this story proves that it's never too late to fall in love. Cheryl Francis Harrington's "I Met Someone" is an insightful and entertaining account of the star's search for love in all the wrong places. From one relationship to the next, Ms. Harrington's bold honesty and sidesplitting wit brilliantly intertwines tales of love and loss. This story is a sign of our times an... full review
I didn't know what to expect from a new one-woman show, but "I Met Someone!" was that rare thing - a real-live local star-is-born discovery. Beyond that, the show itself is a stunner, a MASTERPIECE. We still found ourselves randomly yelling out "I Met Someone!" hours after the show. I cannot divulge why, or reveal too much of her true story here, but there were twists and turns along her real-life journey that left our audience audibly gasping. (Twice.) Regardless of your background, the show gives us all pause to consider what adversities we face, how we process those adversities, and ultimately, whether or not they define us. Key characters bounce in and out along the timeline of her life like a stream-of-consciousness game of dominoes. S... full review
I thought that Cheryl Francis Harrington was absolutely phenomenal with her performance Friday night. I was not surprised with what I witnessed knowing her natural and raw ability and certainly she is by a tremendous talent and one to be reckoned with. Thank you Cheryl for sharing your story, your gift and talents. May God continue to bless you as you push forward sharing your story with the world. Blessings, Carl Washington... full review
I LOOOOVVVVEEEDDDD the show. Cheryl Francis Harrington is an amazing performer. I enjoyed her wit, insight and performance. I would recommend, I Found Someone, to any and all theatre lovers. p r Hawkins ... full review
KEVIN SHANKS June 11, 2012
This was simply a tour de force performance. Cheryl Francis Harrington showcased her versatility by tapping into various characters with unique storytelling and a uncanny ability to romanticize painful trials into a triumphant performance. COURAGEOUS. RAW. WITTY. I Met Someone covers a plethora of topics ranging from issues with self identity to everyday human interaction that everyone can relate to. I found this show so entertaining, I had to see it again. ... full review
I am so glad I took myself over the hill and down the lane to see "I Met Someone" Cheryl performed as if no one was watching and everyone was watching at the same time. I sat next to a group of young guys who laughed in all the right places. A voice in the back said 'That's so true" and "That's so funny" and "That's cute". The room fell silent when Cheryl explained her last names and the relationship she had with her father. She laughs about her journey even though the road was rocky. Through it all she kept us smiling and wanting to learn more. What a pleasure filled evening I had. On the way out several people said what I was feeling inside, "I am so glad I came" (I told Jessie and Desia and Linda and Suzzette and Lisa tha... full review
RICHARD DOWNER June 11, 2012
This is a exceptional show about a woman's winding escapades with the opposite sex. Her pursuits are not without agonies of defeat, but yet as she remains resolute and resilient, her determinations eventually allow her to triumph. This hysterical journey life experiences is laced interactions that stir emotions from elation to sheer regret. The touted 'I got a man' [IGAM] sewn throughout the production pulls the audience one from melancholy to euphoria - then back again - as we all can empathize (if not personally identify) to the character at some point within the production. Intertwined you will find whit, humor and charisma from our sister who purposely draws you into each relationship. It is only fitting at the end of such ... full review

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