I Am Google (2012)

comedy · kingswell productions / combined artform · Ages 12+ · United States

one person show
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June 19, 2012 certified reviewer

My overall impression

If there was a Fringe award for the most determined self-promoter, the award would go to Craig Shaynak. He was everywhere, talking to participants and people in general, handing out flyers, in his large white “Google” t-shirt. How could I not check out his show? Good thing I did, cause it’s a riot!

From the moment I entered the venue, where Craig was handing out Oreo Cookies, cause “cookies must be accepted if you want your browser to work.” Craig had one pun after another lined up to demonstrate our complete dependence on all things internet.

He provided very colorful characterizations of such web presences as Bing, Yelp, Yahoo, and all of the Google apps and features. With the help of the audience, he improvs and demonstrates everything you ever wanted to know about Google but were afraid to ask.

His novel concept of showing Google as a real live person with feelings, emotions and morals is unique and worthy of praise.

Don’t miss this show!

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