I Am Google (2012)

comedy · kingswell productions / combined artform · Ages 12+ · United States

one person show
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June 19, 2012 certified reviewer

My overall impression

If Rush Limbaugh is a big fat liar, then Craig Shaynak is a wide bowl full of funny. For 45 minutes Shaynak struts, frets, sweats, and makes delicious fun of the naive, wrong-headed pomposity of today’s super-cyber-brands that run our lives. He is Google in absurdist slo-mo, manically answering old-fashioned dial phones, rifling through trivia books, calling his barely-reliable pal Wikipedia on the sly – all in an attempt to process the billion searches that he processes every day, and all the while keeping tabs on the audience as only the best storytellers do – looking us in the eye, remembering our names, copping our personal data like a dirty cyber-uncle, and pining for his sweet, gone gal Twitter.
If you want to watch an experienced improv master at work with a funny, smart cultural-critique-of-a-text to back him up, then I AM GOOGLE is your cuppa java.

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