In the Tides of Love

Solo Show · alexandra punch · Ages 16+ · world premiere · one person show · United States of America

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June 23, 2022 certified reviewer

What I liked

Alex’s show was simply extraordinary. Across her fifty minute one woman show, Alex had the audience utterly captivated as she explored her character’s discovery of self over the past four years through the lens of romantic (and non-romantic) relationships. Alex’s ability to seamlessly integrate deeply personal anecdotes into a larger narrative arc of highly relatable struggles with confidence, anxiety, depression, self-image, physical and emotional validation, was incredible to watch.

Alex has an amazing ability as a writer to elucidate highly relatable internal struggles for most twenty somethings, in such an eloquent yet succinct manner. Sitting in the theater, one could hear her most particularly relatable observations inspire almost involuntary mutters and snaps of agreement, such is her ability to encapsulate complex human issues of self-confidence in a digestible and wildly entertaining way.

Alex’s acting talent accomplishes the very difficult task of matching her brilliant script. The audience becomes acutely aware of the emotional extent that her various epiphanies inspire. Each relationship discussed yields its own unique emotional response within Alex’s character, and her performance brilliantly distinguishes the nuances between the different emotions evoked from moments from realization: utter sadness, cynicism, cautious hope, and even triumphant determination. Such is her acting ability that even a subtle gesture, as in the particular way she crosses her legs, is highly authentic and appropriate to the respective emotion in the moment.

What I didn't like

Wish there could have been two Alex Punch’s on stage!

My overall impression

Incredible script that perfectly dissects the all too common struggles of anxiety, insecurity, and depression, told brilliantly through the framework of various emotional and physical romantic relationships. Alex mirrors the script with her ability to convey a range of highly introspective emotions; thoroughly captivating the audience on her deeply personal yet relatable journey towards self actualization.

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