Solo Show · francis production · Ages 12+ · Canada

family friendly one person show world premiere

Thiyagi Thileepan, a.k.a. Rasaiah Parthipan was a Tamil Tiger revolutionary and hero from Sri Lanka in the 80s. Ahash Francis is a young actor based in California. Using his personal experience as the son of Sri Lankan refugees with a foothold in the West and roots tracing back to the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean”, Ahash weaves together a story using his and Thileepan’s shared experience. By invoking Thileepan’s name and sharing his story, Ahash hopes to find meaning in the long, violent history of the Sri Lankan Civil War, and what the Eelam Tamil independence struggle should mean to him and other Tamils in the diaspora around the world today. Witness him bring Thileepan’s story to life in this one-man performance of sacrifice, the differences between the east and the west, and an exploration of our cultures intertwined!

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran