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Review by PAM NOLES

June 19, 2022 certified reviewer

What I liked

They had three stage blocks, a teeny moleskin notebook and the full force of their amazing performances that danced from a script infused (to me) with the lyricism of the Romantic-era Welsh writers such as W. H. Davies, John Powys and Huw Menai — all of whom were influenced by Wordsworth, but put their own culturally-specific spin on it. I can’t emphasize enough how GORGEOUS the script is, and how the actors pulled every single bit of Human nuance from it.

That is to say, these two actors (and their writer) did not come to play. They came to build and show you a fully fleshed-out life of a loving couple who, for reasons, left their home in Wales back in the day to pursue the mythic hope of America.

Also! If I were the marrying kind (which I am Very Much Not) I would TOTALLY steal the couple’s marriage vows and build that into my Not Happening (Sorry Mom) Marriage Ceremony.

To the writer and performers I say “Diolch am roi’r profiad hynod deimladwy hwn i mi.”

What I didn't like


Maybe provide tissues at the box office, cuz I had to fish out a used one from my jacket pocket.

My overall impression

An outstanding roam through the life and relationship of an immigrant / Welsh couple forced to take the plunge into trying their luck with the myth of America. This play doesn’t just speak to an 1800s Welsh (or other RDW immigrant experience). It speaks to all who loved and believed in the potentiality of the future. At times it feels like you’re watching / listening to Poetry in Motion because that’s what they’re doing on that bare stage.

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