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world premiere
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June 14, 2022 certified reviewer

What I liked

ThurZday embodied her role passionately with snakelike dance moves, modern dance madness, writhing grief, and composed conceding of life. Her beautiful voice captures the nuance and power of Patti Smith’s legendary music.
Hannah Howzdy also engaged the audience’s attention fully while onstage.

What I didn't like

I was wishing for the songs to be more incorporated into the movement of the plot. The songs were carefully selected to fit, but nearly no acting was done during them to move the plot along or to help us absorb the impact more fully. I would love to see Cassandra remain onstage during the Fates’ songs and receive their attentions in a way that allows the Fates to carry the action and add some interest.
In the opening scene, I could not hear the voice of Marinelli. Bring some more power, girl!
Transitions between scenes felt awkward. Continued refining will smooth these out.

My overall impression

Legendary Patti Smith music for a Rock Opera telling of the mythic story of Cassandra? Yes, please!
I love the concept and hope this initial implementation will be further refined. I found myself a bit distracted from the story because of versions more familiar where Apollo was the rapist rather than the lover. The love story made for a happy ending but May have lost some of the impact of Cassandra’s story.

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