Asexuality! The Solo Musical

venus in waves productions · Ages 15+ · flashing lights · world premiere · one person show · 80 mins · United States of America

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August 19, 2022 certified reviewer

What I liked

The songs! The digital component and the way Rebecca interacted with the other characters on the screen behind her.

What I didn't like

I loved it all.

My overall impression

Beautiful show, fearless, stunning performance by Rebecca McGlynn. I was deeply moved, laughing and crying often within the same scene. McGlynn’s ability to transform into the myriad characters who people her majestic mind was truly remarkable and seamless. I loved the songs too and Rebecca’s powerful voice.

Poignant direction by Heather Dowling (an incredible solo performer in her own right!)— Heather and Jessica Lynn are a dream production team and this show sings with alchemy and resilience.

It also made me think about how lucky we are to be in LA, to live in a place where we get to bear witness to such an extraordinary journey like Rebecca’s…such raw, vulnerable work.

Bravo, Rebecca! Thank you for the gift of your truth and your story.

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