Resilient AF: Rising to the Occasion

Solo Show · soaring solo · Ages 16+ · United States of America

one person show world premiere
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June 17, 2022 certified reviewer

What I liked

I liked the sense of humor throughout, the skillful acting with all the different aspects of Kamakshi, the Rock Star letting it lose, the songs that were connected to each memory, and the celebration of humanity’s resilience.

What I didn't like

I would have liked a more formal introduction to each aspect of Kamakshi at the beginning. A couple of times I got a bit lost as to who was whom.

My overall impression

My overall impression was being in awe of the fun to be had with ‘playing’ trauma and transformation for an audience. Kamakshi’s sense of humor and sensibilities in opening her book to the world makes it all light as much as important, important for life to be watched like a play because, in reality, that’s all it is! I’ve appreciated the view of life being a movie/play for a long time, you know, Quantum Physics et al, and Kamakshi created an experience for me where I could experience it first hand!

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