Emergence: First Flight

Solo Show · jenna wadsworth mccarty · Ages 10+ · United States of America

family friendly one person show

Come enjoy a transcendent experience in the arts at the Hollywood Fringe Festival 2022!

Jenna Wadsworth McCarty makes a new piece of art onstage while telling the story of becoming an artist in her solo show, “Emergence: First Flight.” She weaves her story with art, song and poetry as she frees herself to discover her purpose and place. “Emergence: First Flight” is dramatic, lyrical, and delves deep to enlighten.

Showtimes are
June 5, 2pm
June 10, 9pm
June 18, 3:30pm
June 25, 4pm

Delve deep; Emerge enlightened.

In her lyrical debut production, Jenna Wadsworth McCarty invites audience members to witness her process of healing, demonstrating a tenacity for hope amidst a struggle with the depths of depression and anxiety. When all else fails, Jenna delves deep to emerge. Using song, poetry and art, she tells a story that touches the unmovable and enlightens the heavy load.

“Emergence: First Flight” is ultimately a story that lifts the audience. Original songs, poetry, and visual arts captivate, while a new piece of art is created during each performance.

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Production Team

* Fringe Veteran