Criminal Genius

Comedy · anonymous theater company · Ages 13+ · United States of America

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ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 12, 2022
So very funny. The actors' portrayal and comic timing are spot on. It is like Abbott and Costello meet The Three Stooges. You will not stop laughing from the show's beginning to the end. Do not miss this hilarious show. The play is a must-see experience at the Fringe. ... full review
JOANIE BUSS certified reviewer July 16, 2022
Criminal Genius was a wonderful weekend treat! Strong performances from an amazing cast!... full review
KIM SANTELL certified reviewer June 27, 2022
tagged as: witty
Amusing play. My friends and I thought the play was well written, good humor.... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 20, 2022
I LOVED it! It's laugh out loud funny. The whip smart, back-and-forth banter between the characters and the occasional self awareness of the writing made this show a standout. I highly recommend anyone who loves theater and comedy to go see this. The actors were all hysterical and fantastic. ... full review
BRENDA WONG certified reviewer June 20, 2022
tagged as: Funny dark comedy
A delightfully dark comedy about a bumbling father and son criminal team, their boss, an alcoholic motel manager, and a kidnapped cook who hates her father. Fast-paced and funny. I was laughing all the way through. Such a great show for me to watch on Father’s Day. This is a show that you must catch at the festival this year.... full review
SCOTT ABCARIAN certified reviewer June 19, 2022
The Usual Suspects meets Dumb and Dumber? I laughed from beginning to end. Perhaps the most interesting dynamic for me was the ability of the violent and the insane to manipulate and bring about the demise of not only themselves, but also the selfish, dumb, and spiritually deprived. It's almost as if they were all one being working against themselves.... full review
JOHN LEINGANG certified reviewer June 14, 2022
This has been the funniest show I have seen at Fringe so far! The script cooks, the cast has great timing, and the stage setup in a hotel room was done wonderfully. You will definitely get a Three Stooges vibe from these lovable losers that are probably in the wrong profession as criminals. Absolutely laughed out loud throughout and it never felt like it dragged or went too long. Highly recommended for all! Unless you hate laughter. In that case "I'll kick ya to death!"... full review
DAVID LUCARELLI certified reviewer June 14, 2022
tagged as: farce · Absurdist · hilarious
An absurdist farce about a crew of sad sack two time loser low level criminals who are perpetually in over their head, and find that whenever they try to execute a plan to save themselves from the mess they're in, it inevitably results in them being in even hotter water!... full review
OLIVE BUDA certified reviewer June 11, 2022
tagged as: disturbing · Dark Comedy · funny
Oh my! I love this playwright. He can make a bad situation into a joke and come out laughing. The audience I mean. His characters are so dysfunctional and incapable that watching them you know it will be a matter of time before they are disposed of in some interesting way. Really a treat to see this here at the Hollywood Fringe. ... full review
TINA VONN certified reviewer June 06, 2022
Immediately this play hits you like a basketball to the face with energy, tension and fantastic actors! Nothing but nonstop conflict and lots of laughs mixed with some blood and a ticking time bomb! Really impressed with these actors, the dialog was heavy and they handled it with sharp skills. ... full review