This Remains Between Us

Comedy · flat tire theatre company · Ages 14+ · United States of America

world premiere
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Review by THI NGUYEN

June 13, 2022 certified reviewer
tagged as: family drama · creative · Dark Comedy

What I liked

Loved the creativity and the twist to move the story forward. Loved the comedic breaks from the boyfriend character.

What I didn't like

Instead of referencing to the past, I would’ve liked if the sisters were emotionally affected by each other in the present. While the dialogue was strong, it was a lot, and it didn’t seem to leave room for the words to be heard by the receiving character. I believe there could’ve been deeper moments with more listening than shouting/arguing. Perhaps there could’ve been more nonverbal mannerisms or inside jokes between the sisters to signify that they have a close relationship.

My overall impression

Dark comedy, YES. Puns, YES! Sisters, I can relate! I thought this play was clever with the unexpected twist midway. It helped moved the story along without being predictable. Morgyn and Katherine wrote a strong play that entertained me the entire time. I appreciated their creativity while exploring a tenuous but heartfelt relationship between two sisters.

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