Shubop-Dubay-Had: The No Matter Watt PreQuel

Cabaret & Variety · gordon stephen matheson jr · Ages 16+ · world premiere · United States of America

A man whose life is unmanageable and Self Destructive sees that he is “As Sick As His Secrets”

It is 10 years earlier.

Bill “Shubopdubayhad” Sikritz finds Recovery with Bumdinger Chasenipples, Our Lady of Perpetual Disappointment, Annabelle Watt the Hell,Unruly Julie & Juan Buzzon from Tuscon !

Together they learn to get thru their “NO MATTER WATTS” without Self Destructing Behaviors. The importance of Community and Self Discovery brings Shubopdubayhad out of insanity and into self awareness.
This Musical Cabaret with a healthy number of Short Ditties stands on its own but you can still see the original on YouTube.

Its the NEW SUPERCALIFRAGHKDJSFM ……. Watt Evah that was !!!

Show Times:
The Complex 6476 SantaMonica Blvd Hollywood Ca 90038

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production team

alex hayward *

bumdinger chasenipples

alariza nevarez *

annabelle watt the hell

faye turner *

our lady of perpetual disappointment

aurelia myers *

unruly julie

marcel licera *

production coordinator

shawn khounphithack *

juan buzzon from tuscon

* Fringe Veteran