Solo Show · synesthesians · Ages 13+ · United States of America

one person show world premiere

LUNA (娥) is a 45min uncategorizable experience… a modern reimagining of ancient Chinese mythology of the Moon Goddess. It is a multimedia experience that combines aesthetic and sensory elements of theater, animation, live-streaming & installation arts.

In the original Chinese mythology dated more than two thousand years ago, the Moon Goddess is a young woman who involuntarily drifts away to the moon after swallowing her husband’s pill of immortality. As a punishment for her action, she stays forever young yet forever alone on the moon.

Eternal youth in perpetual solitude.
Sounds familiar in our social-media sprawling world, doesn’t it?

In 2020, Luna is a young Chinese social media influencer who supports herself by attracting sponsors to her live-streaming sessions. Alone and alienated, she finds herself lost in temptation and treachery created by the false realities of the virtual world. In a society still clutched by long-ingrained patriarchal forces, Luna succumbs to doubts about love, youth, and beauty, struggling to find her own truth, worth and strength…

LUNA is all about womanhood. With an all-women cast and crew, the team dedicates this piece to all women who find it difficult to stay in love with the world and with ourselves. If you look at the moon, you will see that you are not alone.

Production Team

cad apostol *

lighting designer

duoyi (zoe) wang *


siena foster-soltis *

art designer & puppetry artist

elle reck *

media designer

shuwen cao *


emma benson *

production manager

* Fringe Veteran