Cad apostol

Cad Apostol (they/them) is an MFA2 Lighting Designer studying at California Institute of the Arts, hoping to graduate in the Spring of 2024. On campus, they have worked on productions such as “Daughter” as the main designer and “Fig and the Wasp” as the assistant lighting designer for Violet Smith. They also try and participate in projects outside of the theatre school, working on dance pieces in collaboration with the school of dance and other art installations. Before coming to CalArts, they worked extensively in LA as an assistant, working with companies such as The Industry, Long Beach Opera, and Metropolitan Master Chorale. Coming to CalArts, they have found a passion for lighting outside of the theatrical setting and hope to continue to explore further throughout their stay at CalArts and in life.

More of their work can be found at and through their instagram @cadapostol.