Dickin' Around

Solo Show · unmuted participants · Ages 18+ · United States of America

one person show
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CHRISTIAN CARRION certified reviewer June 26, 2022
This was a very well written show that touched on many themes that are applicable to both the modern and pre-modern adult experience. People of all walks of life can find this show relatable and the performance was genuine, honest, and emotional; where even the least empathetic of a person can feel the emotion.... full review
COLLEEN CARROLL certified reviewer June 26, 2022
tagged as: thoughtful · relatable · honest · heartfelt · funny
This show was fantastic! Michael's physical comedy skills are unparalleled and it left me wanting more!... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 25, 2022
A codependent dick whore shares his misery in uncomfortable humor.... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 24, 2022
tagged as: amazing · inspiring · humorous · fascinating
I liked this play very much! It was inspiring and amusing and so much fun to watch and to listen to! ... full review
HANOCH SEREBRENIK certified reviewer June 24, 2022
Michael tells a good story, lots of funny anecdotes, great physical humor, and really opens up to share parts of himself vulnerably. ... full review
CAROLINA RODRIGUEZ certified reviewer June 24, 2022
The show was absolutely brilliant! Hilarious and heartwarming at the same time, Dickin Around has you laughing out of your seat one second, and tearing up the next. I can’t recommend it highly enough!... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 24, 2022
tagged as: uplifting · poignant · clever · funny
This play had me often laughing, sometimes crying and always fully engaged. The pacing was great. The acting very honest and affecting. We should all be thankful that Michael spent some of his time at his laptop composing this terrific play. ... full review
MELISSA MCMAHON certified reviewer June 24, 2022
tagged as: heartfelt · endearing · Engaging · moving · hilarious
The show was amazing! It was heartfelt, moving, and laugh out loud hilarious. Michael is such a talent and his storytelling is beyond brilliant. He’s a true artist and this show is a testament to that. So proud of him and I can’t wait to see what else Michael’s beautiful mind comes up with.... full review
NINA DELEO certified reviewer June 24, 2022
Hysterical and thought provoking. The grace with which Michael moved from lewd and lascivious to heartfelt and genuine was a thing of beauty! In a moment I would go from laughing to the point of tears, to wanting to hug him and make the pain go away. So much human experience packed into an hour, but the high energy humor and talent exhibited made that hour pass way too fast.... full review
SAMUEL KANTER certified reviewer June 24, 2022
tagged as: journey · sexual · gay · funny
Wow, what a great show about the trials and tribulations of being a gay man in 2022. There were so many moments where I saw myself, my friends, and reflected on my own journey through the gay world, and I was moved how vulnerable Mikey was on stage. ... full review