Experiencing Love on The Spectrum

Solo Show · spectrum love productions. · Ages 16+ · United States of America

one person show world premiere
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STACY DYMALSKI certified reviewer August 11, 2021
George does a great job of authentically sharing the highs and lows of the emergence of his love life, all while factoring in being gay and on the autism spectrum. He is thoroughly himself on stage, and has a refreshing perspective. His stories are relatable, even if you're not male, gay, or on the autism spectrum, because let's face it, love is love, no matter who you are. ... full review
STRUK WEIS uncertified reviewer August 25, 2023
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GRIG WOODS uncertified reviewer July 28, 2023
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WILL JAMES uncertified reviewer April 03, 2023
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ANONYMOUS certified reviewer August 27, 2021
5 stars... full review
LARRY MAYORQUIN uncertified reviewer August 27, 2021
I found myself blushing and uncomfortable in all the right ways during this performance. I felt like some of my own truths were being shared and I was afraid to continue watching and feeling exposed. This story telling was so authentic and natural that it felt almost like I was at a friend's house, exchanging secrets at 2 AM. Well done!... full review
STEVEN NASH certified reviewer August 25, 2021
Great fun and thoughtful observations about life and point of view. A satisfying play and unique experience.... full review
SHELLEY COOPER certified reviewer August 25, 2021
I loved George’s laid back, personable storytelling style. He made all of us in the audience feel like his best friends. This show was simple, honest, free of gimmicks, and told an effective story, which is exactly how I like solo shows. My brother has autism and it was a breath of fresh air to see him represented on the stage in such a positive way! ... full review
VERONICA CAREY MATTHEWS certified reviewer August 23, 2021
tagged as: pop culture · fun · honest · hilarious
This show was simply delightful! George is a great storyteller with excellent comedic timing. He was able to tell his particular tale of navigating adult sex and relationships with the right amount of honesty, integrity and diplomacy. Even when scenes turned more graphic, they were never crude. It was an honor to watch him perform, and genuinely made me laugh many times (which is not an easy accomplishment). I'd eagerly go watch him tell this story or any other one again.... full review
AZO SAFO certified reviewer August 21, 2021
tagged as: pop-culture · fun · heartfelt · intimate · honest
I thought this was a very uplifting show. George is very entertaining! When I left, I felt very happy and hopeful. ... full review