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LISA PEZIK certified reviewer August 29, 2021
Wow! The time FLEW by as I was hanging on every word, every scene, every character. Kevin is such a master of his art, tackling hugely personal and vulnerable experiences from his life. His physicality and spoken word poetry blew me away. This was by far one of the best shows I've ever seen. Kevin poured his heart and soul out into the stage in sweat and love and emotion. I laughed, cried, got angry, and felt all the feels in this one. I almost forgot that I was watching just one person on that stage. Beautifully executed. Beautifully told. Beautifully staged. Bravo! I know that whatever Kevin pours his heart and soul into is magic. ... full review
BRIE CARTER certified reviewer August 21, 2021
This show was POWERFUL. Poignant. And so multi-layered it was like eating the world tallest pile of flapjacks. I. LOVED. IT. Kevin is magnetic and brings you into his experience with the ease of a hot knife slicing through butter. ... full review
LARRY DAVIDSON certified reviewer August 21, 2021
Kevin is an outstanding performer-very physical and expressive. The show is a powerhouse. He covers a full range of emotions and addresses issues personal and political. He is honest, upfront, vulnerable And timely. The show is fantastic. Highly recommended.... full review
DUEAL ANDREWS certified reviewer August 20, 2021
tagged as: brilliant
Kevin Neighbors’ Versatile was a tour de force. A brilliant, honest and compelling performance. It is clear that Neighbors is a natural and gifted performance One of the best shows I’ve seen in a long time. You will learn, laugh, cry and be completely transformed. It’s a MUST SEE for all audiences! This show needs to be on Broadway!... full review
LYNNE JASSEM certified reviewer August 19, 2021
It made me hold onto my fast and deep and thought provoking... full review
GEORGE STEEVES certified reviewer August 18, 2021
Kevin really knows how to tell a story and he fully commits to his material when he's telling his story. I was truly captivated the entire time watching him on stage. ... full review
TANYA THOMAS certified reviewer August 18, 2021
Powerful, dynamic and poetic, Versatile delves into the complexities of race, displacement, identity markers and so much more. It is must see solo theatre!... full review
BARBARA DIGNAN certified reviewer August 18, 2021
tagged as: deep · fierce · powerful
Versatile was aptly named. Kevin Neighbors touched on a myriad of racial and sexual issues that he has had to live with. His one-man performance was "lit" and "woke", to use two overdone words. It was warm and sweet...and harsh and violent...but always thoughtful. If you are white, this performance will make you see what the world is like for a man of color. If you are heterosexual, this performance will make you see what life is like for a gay man. ... full review
ARIEL JIMENEZ certified reviewer August 18, 2021
This was an impressive show. Kevin Neighbors is a phenomenal actor. The way he switches characters is so interesting and intense. One second he’s acting as his dumb horny teenage friend and the next he’s coming out to his father. The emotional beats in this story were strong, definitely a few minutes where you can you feel the pain Kevin felt in that moment. Overall this right here is the definition of a One Man Show because Kevin Neighbors is so dynamic in portraying all the characters that you actually believe you’re in a room full of people. ... full review
SPENCER FRANKEBERGER certified reviewer August 18, 2021
I was blown away by this show. Not only was it incredible but it was extremely relatable as someone who often struggles with identity. Slick, thoughtful, funny, and poignant, this show is truly for everyone who is (or maybe even isn't) explore their own identity -- in fact, some may say it's...VERSATILE (*wink*) for many different audiences.... full review