Confessions of the World's Worst Missionary

theatre · lina alfinito · Ages 13+ · United States

one person show
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June 19, 2012 certified reviewer

My overall impression

One of the most impressive parts to this piece is how honestly Lina portrays herself, even (and especially) to the point of satire. The version of herself who boards the flight vs the lingering, painful questions as she tries to de-plane gave me great insight into this young artist. Culture shock doesn’t begin to describe her journey, and I actually think the rough workshop form worked in her favor most of the time: the writer/performer is still processing that summer, and doesn’t have much of an answer for herself, never mind the audience. Life isn’t cut and dry, after school specials with the solution at the end, neither is the story Lina tells. I am still thinking about everything she said, whether I may agree or not, and thank her for bringing her honest story to the Fringe.

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