Lockdown Love Story

quackpot productions · Ages 16+ · United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

‘Lockdown Love Story’ is a UK based Comedy created by Alice Fforde and Charlie Dryden, highlighting the ups and downs of online dating during a pandemic. Classic love story, Coronavirus strikes, boy is single, boy can’t meet girl therefore boy goes on dodgy dating app… you know?

The idea for our series ‘Lockdown Love story’ was inspired by watching my brother, mid- lockdown last year, take a glass of wine up to his childhood bedroom for a first date, over Zoom. As I’m sure you can imagine, our first reaction was one of pity, watching a twenty-seven-year-old, fully grown man, regressing back to his adolescence. Our second thought however, was what a bloody brilliant idea for a series. With social anxiety at an all-time high, no small talk for people to fall back on and awkward situations that can only occur from living back with your parents, these seemed to us, the perfect ingredients for a comedy. Lockdown Love Story’ invites the audience inside the video chat room, to experience, like a fly on the wall, these sometimes ridiculous, time sensitive dates. This unique setting creates a real pressure cooker for drama and comedy.

Our first six-episode series follows the group of core characters through the national lockdown. Each episode summates a short date with two/three characters. We follow Matthew on his quest to find Laura, whom we meet for the first time in episode one. His expedition through the world of online dating however, is anything but the Hero’s journey. He encounters the mildly bizarre to the dangerously odd. Some of the dates even include: stripping, slurping, burping and bad signal… essentially, if you love an awkward situation, we’ve got you covered! In this show we prove that there’s someone for everyone (well most of the time anyway).

As we follow Matthew and Laura on their dating journey, we encounter a few other Singletons: Matthew is a hopeless romantic, an eternal optimist and let’s face it, someone who rarely gets it right. Think of the worst thing you could possibly say on a date… well Matthew has probably already said it! We don’t know how he does it, but like a typical underdog you’ll find yourself rooting for him in the end.

Laura is… well… we’re not really sure! From Devon to Wimbledon, Carlisle to Cambridge, she is a true enigma. Laura teaches us the importance of being our authentic selves in life, as well as online. Like a chameleon she has many coats, hairstyles and personas! All we ever really know about Laura is she’s only ever comfortable when she’s the one in control of the date.

Well, I guess all that’s left to do… is ‘bring on the dates’!

Production Team

charlie dryden *


alice fforde *


* Fringe Veteran