Alice Fforde

Charlie and I began our partnership at The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art,
whilst training to be actors. We discovered that we had a similar style and shared sense of
humour. On leaving LAMDA, we were thrown into a world of uncertainty due to the
pandemic and seized the opportunity to use our time productively. Writing
individually was always something we did on our own terms, but we quickly learned
we were each other’s greatest asset, working collaboratively to conceive ideas, write
professional scripts, and produce a finished mini-series. One of our recent lockdown
achievements includes the conception, writing, filming, editing, production and
marketing of a six-part mini-series ‘Lockdown Love Story’ – a comedy highlighting the
‘ups and downs’ of online dating during a pandemic. We have even got some recognition from Ricky Gervais, ‘The Wombles’ and Yorkshire Tea!