Two Person Show · a sugar and sh*t production · Ages 18+ · United States of America

includes nudity world premiere

On August 8, 2021 THE HOLLYWOOD FRINGE FESTIVAL debuts Sugar and S**t starring Lori Hoeft and Lenny Langley at The Hudson Theater on Theater Row in Hollywood. The after-show Q&A will include Lori and Lenny along with an interactive creativity salon facilitated by their collaborators James Nave and Allegra Huston.

Sugar and S**t is a provocative dark comedy, inspired by true events, that combines memoirs of a sex worker named Sugar and chronicles of an unwanted adoptee named “The S**t,” who ate frosted flakes everyday and never forgave her mother for setting the house on fire. Sugar and S**t, though seemingly from separate worlds, take the audience on a wild whirl through meetings with a variety of deranged characters like nuns, priests, sinners, firemen, tiger poachers, and classic clients at a strip club. Eventually, Sugar and S**t meet on their shared quest for sovereignty, as the show closes with the finality of their freedom.

Rated 18+ This show contains adult language, explicit topics, nudity, and tigerlicious content.

Lori Hoeft, on Sugar and S**t, “Putting up Sugar and S**t gives me the stage to be a fierce, no boundaries female artist; it allows me to break out of the cage of sexism and have my voice heard, wild and free.”

Lenny Langley on Sugar and S**t, “I wanted space to not only bring my personal stories to life but to create a provocative, hilarious, and enlightening look at how people attempt to fill their voids — the empty holes in their psyches — left from childhood trauma, addiction, mental health issues, or just the simple shitshow of life.”

The show was made possible thanks to our generous crowdfunding patrons, in-kind donations, startup funds, and big-hearted volunteers.

Written, Produced, and Performed by Lori Hoeft and Lenny Langley.
Directed by Lori Hoeft with Dwight Kennedy, director of 8,000 musical shows for Universal Studios and Disney
Developed with acclaimed theater, poetry, and slam-ninja, James Nave, as well as the Unmute Yourself community with Ann Randolph, and with special thanks to Jessica Lynn Johnson and Heather Dowling of the Soaring Solo community.
Global Livestream Management by Matt Kamimura

This show is inclusive to diverse audiences 18-80+ including LGBTQ+, trauma survivors, recovering catholics, sex workers, exotic dancers, creative writers, and has an international audience already.

Lenny Langley, “SUGAR,” is a queer writer, dancer, model, and performer currently living in Los Angeles & formerly based in New York. Connect with me on Instagram @lennylangley__ or Facebook Lenny Langley

Lori Hoeft, “THE SHIT,” is a Clio award-winning, disabled writer, director, and producer based in Los Angeles. Lori is a scholarship recipient of Art Center with a career spanning 34 short PSA films until a disabling accident stopped her. Connect with me on Facebook Lori O’Brien.

Q&A with Sugar and Shit and Come meet James Nave and Allegra Huston for a Creativity Salon Experience to Storm Your Imagination
“What is it inside your imagination that keeps surprising you?”
Find out in the way we did! Sugar and Shit was incubated in The Imaginative Storm workshop
Streaming in from Taos, New Mexico
You will be guided to unleash 10 minutes of your own story

For press queries, tv, radio, or magazine interviews, please contact Ken Werther at [email protected] or 323-845-9781.

Fringe on, everyone!!!

Sugar and Shit

Production Team

dwight kennedy *

directorial support

allegra huston *

imaginative storm workshop bonus experience

lenny langley *

"sugar" writer, producer, performer

isabella quinn-rodriguez *

promo video creator and editor

helen hackney *

creative consultant

david haverty *

production stills & videographer

presley cash *

original theme song writer & performer - "spoonful of sugar"

macy the pitt *

pup producer, bodyguard, baby tiger, & chief supporter

zeke rettman *

hudson theatre managing director

john cassidy *

special coordinator

james nave *

coach & imaginative storm workshop bonus experience

macy pitt *

"the shit" director, writer, producer, performer

* Fringe Veteran