ginger fail productions · Ages 14+ · world premiere · one person show · United States of America

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August 23, 2021 certified reviewer

What I liked

To me, Matthew’s’ humor and ability to be self-deprecating at times as well as self-appreciating other moments were a huge key to the success of this show. The struggles were real, yet never felt they defined ‘Carey’. It can be difficult to be fully present to your audience when attempting to remember lines and what is next; however, Matthews seems a master of engaging and maintaining the entertainment level. I really appreciated how distinctive the characters are.

What I didn't like

A stronger beat at the end.

My main regret is I wasn’t able to see one of the earlier performances of TRANSSETTER to review and recommend it more so others might have had opportunity to enjoy this wonderful show.

My overall impression

In a time when so many people are frustrated at having to pivot their external lives, in TRANSSETTER, ‘Veronica’ narrates the journey of how a pandemic helps ‘Carey’ finally find the courage bring real transition in his life. Bravely and hilariously she shares the story of ‘Carey’ whose self-identity is in question, as he faces the challenges of pursuing a career as an actor in Hollywood. Through a variety of characters (each so well-defined by Matthews in accents and mannerisms) and Veronica’s narration, we are taken on the ride of what it is like to go internally and find the courage to disregard society’s opinions of what and who you are ‘supposed to be’ (based on a body you happen to get at birth) and instead embrace your soul and be who YOU know you are.

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