Black Woman in Deep Water

Solo Show · makena · Ages 13+ · United States of America

one person show world premiere
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August 15, 2021 certified reviewer

What I liked

There’s an effortlessness to Makenna’s characters, a comfortable ease of power, of panic, and of humor. It’s profound acting.

And I won’t spoil anything, but I couldn’t have been happier watching her prop work. Stunningly placed values.

Technically, the lights and music were fantastic as well. Easily drew me in and I stayed immersed throughout. I was so surprised when the show ended, I hadn’t felt the passage of time at all!

What I didn't like

I think I would have liked a stronger distinction between the ancestor and the goddess – thinking about it the next day, the transition, the physical embodiment, the costuming all tracked and made perfect sense, but in the moment I didn’t make the connection of who was speaking to us. Not a bad thing necessarily – I certainly enjoyed watching the moment, regardless of me not putting the pieces together. But I thought the Voice Over was the goddess and solely her at the time.

My overall impression

I’ve never been more pleased with watching a solo performance – Makenna Hammond is an actress who takes control of the stage with a mighty presence and never lets it go. This is a story of courage, of autonomy, and of a deep profound love that runs through the veins of time. I cannot wait to see what this brilliant actress and writer does next.

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