Romeo & Juliet; Virtually - LIVE!

Comedy · miles beyond entertainment · Ages 13+ · United States of America

world premiere

Miles Berman’s innovative and acclaimed “Romeo & Juliet; Virtually LIVE!” is now available to stream online for free at any time by clicking the “Learn More” live link at the bottom of this page. Presented for your enjoyment by Combined Artform and Hollywood Fringe From Home.

A live Zoom party? With a modern day Romeo and Juliet? “How does that work?” we hear you thinking. Mom and Pops Capulet are throwing an online bash with fair Pomona’s finest, and you’re welcome to attend, just so long as you’ve no relation to that rotten Montague family. Sure, their kid Romeo is handsome and rich, but he’d better not come virtually anywhere near daughter Juliet.

There are thugs onboard on both sides of these families, so just how wrong could this all possibly go? At least you’re fairly safe partying on from home. Wait! What’s that pounding sound at your front door?

Featuring an impressive cast of Fringe Festival vets:
Paris Moletti as Romeo Montague
Stephanie Kutty as Juliet Capulet
Myles McGee as Freddy Mercutio
Vanja Renee as Tybalt
Yorke Fryer as Fr. Larry
Amber Stepp as Nurse Nan
John DiDonna as Pops Capulet
Dion Leonhard DiDonna as Mom Capulet
Miles Berman as Mayor Escalus

Conceived, Directed and Produced by Miles Berman
Adapted by Steven Vlasak
Stage and Production Managed by Allison Faith Sulock
Production Consultant: Matthew Quinn/Theater Asylum/Combined Artform
Logo and Poster Design by

Production Team

steven vlasak *

adaptation by

miles berman *

director/producer/mayor escalus

matthew quinn *

executive producer/theater asylum

myles mcgee *

fred mercutio

john didonna *

pops capulet

* Fringe Veteran