Nature Vs.

karen wilmer-west · Ages 13+ · United States of America

world premiere
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August 18, 2021 certified reviewer
tagged as: satire · Bold · character-driven · female · comedic

What I liked

Some aspects of the show that I resonated with or appealed me were the costuming, characterization, and humor. The characters were well developed and unique — they have solid foundations and interacted well as a group. Each character, down to the police officer, was distinct in their personality, voice, behaviors, and motives. That was clear and strong. This was aided by quality costuming (details, specific hairstyles and distinct outfits). Also, the actors did a fantastic job playing their roles and maintaining consistency in their characters. The humor also appealed me. I thought the follow-through on the jokes, punchlines, and scenarios were effective (and plain funny!)

What I didn't like

One technical area of improvement was the sound quality. At times certain actors were louder than others. Another area of improvement is pacing. At times the story moved quickly and I felt there was not enough space to digest the intensity of the dialouge or new changes to the plot. However, the pacing was very effective at the end of the play, with the reveal of the faulty placement test.

My overall impression

I thought the show, overall, utlized space, dialouge, characterization and comedy effectively to demonstrate it’s point and depict a segment of a larger story/world. I found myself reflecting and laughing at the social commentary and enjoying the vast ranges of characters in Nature Vs. It was like, the Real Housewives, but…somehow scarier.

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