Nature Vs.

karen wilmer-west · Ages 13+ · United States of America

world premiere
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MADISON HO certified reviewer August 30, 2021
MUST SEE! Hilarious, witty, and thought-provoking. Nature vs. was wildly entertaining with the perfect balance of comedy and drama. Characters were well-developed and delivered a strong performance. Highly recommend! ... full review
GENE WANG certified reviewer August 30, 2021
Smart, intelligent, witty as hell.... full review
AZO SAFO certified reviewer August 28, 2021
This was a well structured, beautifully acted one act play. The actors gave a very strong performance. The humor worked so well with the story. ... full review
ANDREW BALL certified reviewer August 23, 2021
tagged as: Fantastic
Loved it! Hoping it will be added to for a full length production.... full review
OMOLOLA SANUSI certified reviewer August 18, 2021
tagged as: satire · Bold · character-driven · female · comedic
I thought the show, overall, utlized space, dialouge, characterization and comedy effectively to demonstrate it's point and depict a segment of a larger story/world. I found myself reflecting and laughing at the social commentary and enjoying the vast ranges of characters in Nature Vs. It was like, the Real Housewives, but...somehow scarier. ... full review
DANIEL KIM certified reviewer August 11, 2021
I loved the show!! My friend invited me to the premiere, and I was thoroughly entertained and would highly recommend to anyone!... full review
ERNEST KEARNEY certified reviewer August 16, 2021
There are some very amusing lines tossed about here – “A mother has no favorites,” one character declares in speaking of her children, “just a clear eye for winners.” This gives one the sense that the playwright thought getting “laffs” right out of the starting gate was the most important aspect of a successful comedy. She’s wrong. Read the full review at full review