How to Turn Your Theatrical Story Into A Book

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FREE WORKSHOP! Okay, let’s get serious here. You want to write your theatrical story into a book, but you’re not sure how much time and money to invest into actually sitting down and doing it. And should you write it or have someone else write it for you? And then how do you sell it after that? So many questions!

To help ease you into your script-to-narrative-book-writing process this workshop gets you started on the plan you need. You will learn how to:

1. Make sure your book manuscript has all the proper story elements that readers want
2. Select your book publishing options (self-publishing vs traditional publishing)
3. Determine the best ways to monetize your story and sell your book

Plus, there will be a Q&A at the end to answer your questions.

Author of “The Memoir Midwife: Nine Steps to Self-Publishing Your Book,” Stacy Dymalski is a member of the WGA and a story-developer in Hollywood who helps everyone from studio executives to soccer moms, find write and share their stories. Let her help you turn your story into a book (or screenplay)!

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