Dear Mom, Sorry For Being A B!tch

comedy · b!tch productions · Ages 15+ · United States of America

one person show world premiere

“Dear Mom Sorry For Being A B!tch” is a one-woman comedy show with a few guests sprinkled throughout. Written by and starring Christine Covode, this story details the evolution of a girls relationship with her mom as time takes them through the ages. Starting in elementary school, when you’re mom is your best friend, through middle and high school when she becomes the bane of your existence, all the way until college and beyond when you finally begin to appreciate her. Speaking into her video diary for the entirety of the performance, the story makes its way inside the mind of a distressed teenager as she slowly begins to realize that her mom is a real person with real feelings! Woah! With the help of a Motley crew of characters, our protagonist travels back in time and retells each b!tchy phase of life with honesty, humor and deep deep apology. There are boys (you know who u are), haunting college counselors, silly bandz, razor phones, layered tank tops, first kisses and even some HAWT makeouts on stage just kidding it’s middle school. COME ONE COME ALL!

Production Team

christine covode *

writer and performer

* Fringe Veteran