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Tommy's Room

ensemble theatre · n/a · Ages 17+ · includes nudity · United States of America

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ANNELIESE HANSON certified reviewer June 10, 2019
tagged as: tense · Bold · shocking · riveting · suspenseful
Amazing energy without paise by both actors; subject matter is powerful and salient to our current social and political climate.... full review
CARA AMENTA certified reviewer June 23, 2019
tagged as: lgbt · drama · intense · trauma
Very intense and dark show shining light down on issues of homophobia and mental health in today’s world. This show is powerful, dark, and well done. It leaves you with a lot to think about. Definitely go home and cuddle a beloved pet afterwards! But in all seriousness Don has done a wonderful job at peeling back the layers of a complicated friendship and the actors brought it to life in a way that makes you say WOW. ... full review
SUSANNAH SNOWDEN-IFFT certified reviewer June 24, 2019
tagged as: #toxicmasculinity
A very intense exploration of a necessary and sadly relevant reality we have been struggling with for some time. A push and pull of identities struggling to break free of a toxic masculinity that pervades almost every nook and cranny of our lives.... full review
RUSSELL EATON my haunt life certified reviewer June 21, 2019
A dark drama that goes to tragic places, Tommy’s Room is a harrowing piece that shows no fear in tackling controversial subject matter. The result is a disturbing thrill ride of dramatic theater, brought painfully to life by a truly strong cast. This piece stayed with me long after it ended.... full review
MATT MORILLO certified reviewer June 20, 2019
Important subject matter. Two game actors who deliver intense performances that hit hard. You can't walk away from this without a pit in your stomach, and that is a testament to this whole team. Jesse Stevenson and Conor Sheehan hit all the right marks as they make you feel tremendous compassion for two young men whose awful behavior is caused by inner torment. Good stuff! ... full review
CARLY BUTWELL certified reviewer June 19, 2019
tagged as: intense
Great performances by both actors-- small tweaks to the stage direction and writing would've pushed it to the next level for me. I recommend checking out these actors. I suspect they'll be around for a long time. Definitely a show worth seeing this Fringe Festival!... full review
PETER FOLDY certified reviewer June 17, 2019
"Tommy's Room" covers a timely subject as it delves into frat boy culture and the dire effects of toxic masculinity. With sharp, dialogue and powerful and convincing performances from Conor Sheehan as “Tommy” and Jesse Stevensen as "Pete," Tommy's Room is an edge of your seat thriller that shocks you as it breaks your heart.... full review
RYAN LISMAN encore judge certified reviewer June 17, 2019
This was extremely intense and fascinating. I really appreciate that this play is fully willing to go some incredibly dark places. The last 15 minutes of the play was filled with the utmost of tension and had everyone on the edge of their seats. If you're looking for a thrilling play this fringe festival, Tommy's Room is the play for you!... full review
JAY DECATOR certified reviewer June 16, 2019
tagged as: violence · tragedy · Bullying · college · lgbt
A play with an important message and a lot visceral emotion. It's not perfect, but is worth a watch. This is the kind of thing Fringe is for: a show with something to say even if it's rough around the edges.... full review
ZACH WALDMAN certified reviewer June 16, 2019
tagged as: hard hitting · compelling · powerful
Great performances and powerful script.... full review